Bicentennial Celebration:


In 2021, University of the Sciences will host the bicentennial celebration of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and the establishment of pharmacy in North America.


Events will begin in August 2020 at the start of the academic year and continue through December 2021*. We invite our alumni and friends to become a part of history by making a contribution to the Bicentennial Celebration Fund. All donors will be commemorated.


Founded in 1821 at Carpenter’s Hall by 68 prominent apothecaries to improve the standards of pharmacy, USciences’ forerunner, the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, was incorporated the following year and is the oldest institution of its kind in North America. Since its founding, the University has grown to more than 30 degree-granting programs from bachelor’s through doctoral degrees in health sciences, bench sciences, and health care business fields, and in 1998 was named University of the Sciences to reflect the breadth of its academic offerings across the sciences.


*a complete list of events will be announced later this year

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